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 Welcome To The Braunstone Estate, Leicester England and the Braunstone Community Assocation (BCA) a New Deal for Communities (NDC) scheme.

The New Deal for Communities (NDC) programme    addresses local regeneration needs by putting residents at the heart of processes to develop community led solutions. In 1998 Braunstone in Leicester was one of 17 areas selected to be a round 1 NDC pathfinder. Braunstone is the most deprived ward in the East Midlands on the National Index of Local Deprivation.


The majority of this information on this site has been passed to the Prime Minister Tony Blair, Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott, Patricia Hewitt MP Leicester West, the labour cabinet, Roger Poole of Government Office for the East Midlands (GOEM), Braunstone Community Assocation (BCA) Independent Chair Richard Atkinson Archdeacon of Leicester OBE Church of England, BCA Chief Executive Keith Beaumont, BCA Comapny Secretary Judith Wildig and the Leicestershire`s Chief Constable Matt Baggott.

None have taken action  they have continued to ignore the racial abuse, harrsement, bullying and victimisation that still going on here in Braunstone.


The Braunstone Community Association (BCA) has a long history of racial abuse, intimidation, racial harassment, wrongful dismissals, blackmail and threats of violence anyone who speaks out is dismissed or thrown of the board and banned from being a director. Those people are still directors or involved in the BCA, the ex vice chair of the local labour party and labour party members are running the BCA, with an all white English board of directors.




Left to right, BCA Chair Richard Atkinson Archdeacon of Leicester OBE, BCA Chief Executive Keth Beaumont and BCA Company Secretary Judith Wildig.


The Independent BCA chair Richard Atkinson Archdeacon of Leicester OBE, quote, "we have reached that point with Ray Ross and his complaints, whatever we now have a situation which needs to be addressed and where I personally need the support of GOEM." BCA can improve its approach to diversity and race issues; some of it seems to use legislation in a totally inappropriate way.

The chair asked the statuary directors for support and arranged for Stephen Gale to take over the meeting when complaints were heard regarding thimself as Chair. One being when the chair, Keith Beaumont and the HR chair conspired to excluded the HR committee from hearing the appeal of an ex Asian member of staff who was wrongfully dismissed. The chair of the HR husband was one of the Asian members bullies. The chair made it clear that it must not end up in enquiries etc. the chair stated that he would value conversation about this, and on this occasion strong support from GOEM would be helpful.

Closed Board meeting 28th January 2004

Ven Richard Atkinson Archdeacon of Leicester OBE BCA independent Chair
Resident Directors, Anne Glover, Gwen Abraham, Bill Hurd, Pauline Hurd, Mavis Bloice and Kay Chamberlain.
Stephen Gale Leicester City
West pct
Martyn Taylor Learning Skills Council
Maureen Burrell Leicester Careers and
Guidance Service
Jeff Miller LCC
BCA Chief Executive Keith Beaumont
BCA deputy Chief Executive David Brennan
Roger Poole Regional Director Government Office
East Midlands (GOEM)

Roger Poole stated there was potential conflict of interest if the board carried on, but still the the board found complaints against those Directors present were without substance and were therefore dismissed.

The Board agreed to investigate the complaints as all the Directors named were present at this meeting. Anne Glover left the meeting whilst the complaints against her were heard. Having been 'satisfactorily', discussed the Board agreed unanimously that the complaints against Anne Glover were without substance and were therefore dismissed. Anne returned to the meeting.
Gwen Abraham left the meeting whilst the complaints against her were heard, that was the BCA normal procedures clear one then take your seat to clear the next one.


Thank you for turning out on such an awful evening your presence was much appreciated. I had considered so many permutations for the Closed Meeting but not the one we ended up with. It was also good that the Statutory Directors were there in force. I am sure that there will be reactions; we will press on with the important agendas. For the record I attach Ray's email that arrived prior to the Board Meeting but which whilst I knew of it, I hadn't actually seen at the time. Thanks you again for your support and for braving the roads.

Directors who have a conflict of Interest in those issues cleared each other while half the Board was not present. This was not an open, honest or transparent Board decision this was a political decision to silence those who know the truth like all previous Boards decisions, and for GOEM to be present is an insult to the residents. The Human Resources Committee has a duty to investigate the issues and GOEM should have been willing to show there support.

One honest civil servants comment from GOEM:
I also have to say that from Ray Ross's position, if he believes what he says about "Richards" guilt through inaction, I don't think that I would feel fully satisfied if only offered a meeting with Roger Poole being the only real independent member present.

Leicester Racial Equality Council Comments on the meeting on the 28th January 2004

I am now in receipt of the minutes of 28th January 2004 as requested. As indicated in my previous correspondence, I required sight of these to read the contents against the agreed protocol of the Association. I cannot assume that the procedure was being used during the 'satisfactory investigation' of the complaints as this is not recorded. Neither is it recorded what procedure was being followed or if the agreed Code of Conduct was being used. Further, the minutes were too vague to draw any conclusions as to the nature of the investigations.

6 May 2004:
At a meeting with the Leicester Racial Equality Council Response, BCA Chair Richard Atkinson started by suggesting that a 'joke' had been made by the BCA Director, It was deemed that the incident dealt was as a 'racist incident'.

Mrs Gwen Abrahams husband Mr Fred Abraham advices GOEM by letter and states that certain regulations make it incumbent on organisations to address racial issues, this matter, never the less should be kept low key.

I thought it was the Conservative Government who were the party of sleaze not the labour Government, It does not say much about the honesty of those directors who attended that meeting on the 28 January.

Prime Minister Tony Blair said David Blunkett had been a truly outstanding Cabinet Minister "You leave Government with your integrity intact and your achievements acknowledged by all. You are a force for good in British politics and that is what we are in politics for."


Another Labour unsavoury tradition is to brazen out the mess the NDC`s are in, you just have to look at the Braunstone Community Association (BCA) in Leicester. Trade and Industry Minister Patricia Hewitt MP of Leicester West told the board they should appear to be united and present a front of working together at public meetings. This same MP also recommends that the BCA`s Accountable Body the Leicester Housing Association (LHA) takes control of the New Heath Centres at a cost of 7 million of NDC funds.